I connect my iPhoneX (11.4) to the iPad Hotspot. Everything works fine. I sat working on laptop and then the iPhone X and iPad screen locked. After X minutes I then unlock iPhone to check email etc.. The iPhone X has disconnected from the hotspot and is back to using the cellular plan on my iPhone.

May 08, 2019 Why won't my iphone personal hotspot connect to my laptop? I don't have Wi-Fi in my house (don't even ask) and i connect to the internet with my and my parents' phones. I've recently upgraded from the iphone 4s to the 5, and while the personal hotspot from the old one worked fine on my laptop before the new one just doesn't connect to my phone. My dad's also got the iphone 5 and it connects fine to his, but when mine shows up on the network list and i Dell Windows 7 Laptop and Wifi Problems with iPhone They won't connect to certain wifi hotspots (especially iPhone personal hotspot), auto switching sometimes won't work, etc. I've found on the web that others often experience issues with getting iPhone personal hotspot to work with laptops running Windows 7. Unfortunately, none of the solutions I found on the web worked for me. How To Connect Windows 10 PC To iPhone Hotspot – WebSetNet Jul 07, 2018

May 18, 2017

Laptop connects fine with phone hotspot but won't connect Nov 23, 2017 How to fix Personal Hotspot not working on iPhone XR

As I told, i changed my iphone name, then I connected my iphone with laptop via bluetooth. however, I couldnot connect to my iphone hotspot. What i did was right-clicked on bluetooth icon, then clicked on "join a personal area network", then right-clicked on my devices, clicked on the connect using and access point. Finally it worked for me.

The mobile hotspot is showing and can connect to the 5th computer. Three of the computers, including the one that can connect, are running windows 8. The other two are running XP and Vista. The XP machine is my Toshiba laptop, which I've been able to connect previously. Easy and Quick Fix iPhone 8/8 Plus/X Not Showing up on Sep 21, 2017 Windows 10 doesn't connect to iPhone's WiFi hotspot [QUICK Dec 06, 2017 iPhone Hotspot Not Working in iOS 11.3? Here Is the Fix