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Sophos 2020 Threat Report Ransomware attackers raise the stakes Ransomware affects an accelerating number of victims with every passing year, but it has an Achilles' heel: encryption is a time consuming process, driven by the processing power of its host machine's CPU. Sophos 2020 Threat Report: AI is the new battleground Nov 19, 2019 Sophos 2020 Threat Report - eacs The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving and changing. To help, eacs has uploaded a range of resources on our website to help you combat these threats, and now you can access for free the Sophos Threat Report 2020. This report gives a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know in the world of cyber security, from ransomware breaches and mobile security to the use of Advanced Threat Report - Sophos The Advanced Threat Report details all emails submitted to Sophos Labs Intelix for advanced threat analysis. You can view messages that occurred in the past 365 days or less. Messages for the last 30 days are shown by default. The report shows clean, likely clean, suspicious, and malicious emails in graph form and in a list.

Nov 05, 2019

Sophos Cyber Threat Report: Cryptojacking: Danger In Disguise Sponsored Sophos Cyber Threat Report: Cryptojacking: Danger In Disguise. Cryptojacking has erupted on the cybercrime scene. Some say cryptojacking is the new ransomware.

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Sophos 2020 Threat Report Sophos have published their 2020 Threat Report.. The Sophos Threat Report 2020 reveals the latest trends in ransomware, mobile malware, attack automation, the common missteps in cloud security, as well as using machine learning for defence.