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At a minimum, hosts on the LAN will be able to reach either the WAN subnet, or hosts on the LAN which are in the WAN range. (you could try adding a static route, for example.) But never both. Also, WAN hosts will not be able to reach LAN hosts in the same IP range. The gateway IP (router address) is so any devices connected to it are like ly to have an IP address of as this is the same subnet. dave0smeg , Sep 12, 2014 #2 Re: Can't access LAN Subnet - Anyconnect VPN configuration on ASA 5506 Hello, Thank you for your response, I ran the command as requested and understood the fail message (So I think) I then added these access rules: Go to the Start Menu, search for Advanced Subnet Calculator and open it up. Switch to the Classful Subnet Calculator tab. Advanced Subnet Calculator; Now, enter the IP address of your network that you want to break down into subnets. For example, we’ll take Afterward, select the number of subnets that you want to divide it into. Subnet Mask. A subnet mask is used to determine where the network ends and the hosts begin. We get this information by converting the decimal numbers within the subnet mask to binary. The 1's in our binary subnet mask represents the network portion of our IP address, and the 0's represent the hosts. Here's an example:

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Subnet Mask. Perhaps the most recognizable aspect of subnetting is the subnet mask. Like IP … What is the difference between LAN and a subnet? - Quora Jul 17, 2015 Online IP Subnet Calculator

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LAN subnet VPN Clients . I'll attach the config. Any help would be much appriciated. Kind Regards, Nathan. Solved! Go to Solution. Labels: AnyConnect; I have this problem too. 0 Helpful Reply. 1 ACCEPTED SOLUTION Accepted Solutions Highlighted. NathanBoothby. Beginner …