There's nothing wrong with your internet connection Reginald, In fact, it is fast and good. It's just that the ports needed for the Xbox live feature are not properly configured. And port forwarding can improve connection speed, lobby wait times, and overall gameplay, particularly for a host.

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Apr 10, 2019 · Xbox 360 has age-appropriate controls and settings that you can adjust to suit your family’s needs. Change online safety and privacy settings on To change the privacy and online safety settings for you or your child:

Jan 04, 2009 · Well, its not all that easy. :\ But you have four options. Option 1 move you xbox closer to the rowdier. Option 2 use a wired connection, for example get a long cable for connecting. Then connect the cable to the back of your xbox and to your rowdier. Option 3 get a new connection from your local company. Option 4 Deal with it. My 360 is upstairs and my internet connection is downstairs. I dont want to run an ethernet cable up and down the stairs since one of my cats likes to chew wires. :) Silly I know. May 14, 2020 · A more advanced fix. If the above tactics don’t work, it may be your internet speeds. Run a speed test on your internet connection to make sure it’s moving data fast enough to use Hulu. Hulu Modified Wired/Wireless connection for your Xbox 360. Properties > Select the Sharing Tab > Then just check the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet

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My XB360 won't connect to my home network. "Multiple Mar 19, 2008 Common Hulu Problems and How to Fix Them | Digital Trends May 14, 2020 Xbox 360 Repair - iFixit The black-bodied, 120 GB Elite model was also released in April in 2007, and was sold alongside the Xbox 360 Pro until mid 2009, when the Pro was discontinued. When the Xbox 360 S was released in mid 2010, Microsoft discontinued the manufacturing of Arcade and Elite models, but continued to sell the units that remained on stores' shelves.