How to Share Documents in Google Docs: Everything You Need

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Apr 20, 2015

Hide someone's location. If you no longer want to see someone who has shared their real-time location with you on Google Maps, you can hide their location from appearing. Open the Google Maps app . On the map, tap their icon. At the bottom, tap More . To temporarily hide someone, tap Hide from map. You can stop hiding them at any time. Can People See When You Look At Their Instagram? | Stormlikes

9 Things Not to Say to Someone with Mental Illness

6 Major Signs That He/She Is Just Not That Into You Mar 13, 2015 Control what others see about you across Google services Add: For each category you want to add info to, click Add. Edit: Click the info you’d like to change and then click Edit . Tip: If you've changed your name recently, you might need to wait before you can change it again. Remove: Click the info you’d like to remove and then click Remove . Follow the on-screen steps.