systemd is the standard for system and service manager in modern Linux systems. It is responsible for executing and managing programs during system boot-up, among many other things. Compatible programs will provide service unit files which is used by systemd to manage the execution of the program.. You can configure systemd to automatically run these programs during Linux startup via these steps:

Autostart on Linux · Radarr/Radarr Wiki · GitHub Start Radarr. sudo service radarr start Security Note. For security purposes, create a separate account to run this service and do not leave it as 'root'. You can prevent this account from being logged into by editing the '/etc/passwd' entry for user radarr and changing it to '/bin/false' or /usr/sbin/nologin'. WSL Tips: Starting Linux Background Services on Windows Here’s how you can start WSL background services on Windows login: First you’ll need a startup script. I called mine and put it in ~/.local/bin/. All mine does is start the Postgres service, but you can start as many other services or do as many other start-up time actions as you want. ubuntu - How do I auto-start docker containers at system @EEAA: about your question: For some people, docker is a replacement for lxc or openvz which have = 1 and vzctl set --onboot yes.Also ESXi and other virtualization solutions have such a feature included. Like Lawrence, I also don't think such an autostart feature should be implemented in a distribution-specific way because a docker user should be able to solve the same problem ubuntu - How to stop redis-server autostart - Stack Overflow

Supposing you've installed Kafka on the path /opt/kafka, in order to Kafka run automatically after Ubuntu startup (tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and centOS7 and I guess it works on any distribution with the support of the systemd) do the following command:

Start containers automatically Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Docker provides restart policies to control whether your containers start automatically when they exit, or when Docker restarts. Restart policies ensure that linked containers are started in the correct order. Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu 12.04: How to Automatically Start May 15, 2012 Ubuntu Server auto start program? | Howtoforge - Linux

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