Telegram client not connect to proxy server!! · Issue #79

How to Fix Error "Unable to connect to the proxy server 2016-1-4 · Step (2): A set of new options will be displayed on your screen. From here you have to go to Network and then select Change proxy Settings…. Step (3): A pop-up window will appear. Now you have to open the connections tab and then click on LAN Settings option.. Step (4): Now go “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” tab and then Proxy server section. Here you have to disable “Use a proxy I can't connect the internet, Error: cannot find proxy 2015-12-11 Fix: Unable to connect to Proxy Server in Windows 10

I see a “Connecting to the Grammarly server…” message If you see a message that says Connecting to the Grammarly server… , there could be a problem with your network configuration. To work reliably, Grammarly needs a stable internet connection.


How to Configure Proxy Server on Android (Wi-Fi and Mobile) 2020-7-20 · The HTTP proxy option is None by default. It means that your Android device does not use a proxy to connect to the Internet. If you have access to a proxy server information (server address or IP address, port, username, password) select Manual.. The Proxy Auto-Config option can be used if you have access to a PAC file (proxy autoconfiguration script) provided by your network administrator or