Please keep in mind that if you do a speed test and it is below 0.20 dont stress . Lines speed goes up and down (lots of diffrent factors can cause this) , BUT if you do say a speed test every 20 mins for 2 hours and your average is a bad speed it could be that you are experiencing the same issue as Charl. I hope my answer helped somebody.

Feb 26, 2014 Learn about internet bandwidth and speed requirements for Some internet providers limit how much data you can use overall per month, or they charge an extra fee if you go over the limit. This is different from the upload and download bandwidth described in the sections above. Check with your internet provider to learn the details of your data plan, including any limitations for total monthly data. Internet Speed Guide: How Much Do You Really Need? Mar 22, 2020

100 Mbps into house but wifi speed only 5-10 Mbps

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Find out if Windows 10 is limiting your Internet speed

I am handing off ethernet to this client from a port on my 3750. I need to limit this connection to 2Mb. I tried configuring srr-queue bandwidth limit 20, changed the interface speed to 10Mb and ran an internet speed test. The download speed was 2Mb but the Upload speed was still the full 10Mb internet connection.