TunnelBear Review & Test - Why It is NOT Recommended

Question about utorrent via TunnelBear - General Oct 19, 2014 TunnelBear Review & Test - Why It is NOT Recommended Sep 10, 2019

Jul 03, 2020

TunnelBear’s download speeds measured in at an average of 55 Mbps. While these are certainly fast, the provider’s lack of streaming support and limited P2P file-sharing support mean these speeds can’t be put to much use for two of the most popular VPN activities. Nov 06, 2019 · TunnelBear has always offered a great experience and excellent protection with its VPN software, and it shines on macOS. With a robust network of servers, a killer interface, strong speed test During testing, connecting to TunnelBear’s servers resulted in the following upload/download speed reductions versus connecting to the Internet without a VPN. Server location Download speed decrease

Oct 19, 2014

Oct 10, 2019 Tunnelbear Download Speed Worse 🏆IvacyPros+