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How to know if my laptop is infected with virus - Quora Well, there are number of symptoms that will give you hint(s) of presence of virus in your system. If you already researched on computer viruses then you already aware of their different types. Therefore it is very hard to list all symptoms. Howev How to Get Rid of a Virus (Even When Your Computer Won't Boot)

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Actually i had buy my laptop on 10th of January and because of some issue i had uninstall the antivirus "McAFee" which was already installed in this laptop and had 15th month subscription. Now i had remove the antivirus i see some unwanted folder showing out in faded color named "SYSTEM VOLUME INFO Removing Viruses and Spyware – LaptopTips If one laptop has virus does it affect your other computers thanks. Reply. Greg says: April 9, 2014 at 3:10 am HELP – your solutions look great for someone who can still access Windows but I no longer can. I suspect my Lenovo T60 Notebook has a virus or such in the BIOS. One day it was working fine, next boot it started Windows OK, then